Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Humor on the Road

My 5 yr old was challenging my 7 yr old to read a sign on the side of the road, convinced he could not read.    The sign?  Chipotle.  I know adults who can't even read that!  He did however read every other sign he could find, just to prove his point.  My 5 yr old was not impressed.

We took 2 extra kids with us on our trip up north.  If you are counting, that makes 10 kids.  Surprisingly 10 kids is no harder than 8.   We ventured into one store and the lady working there asked, "Are you from a reality tv show?  Like that 18 kids and counting or something?"  Wow, we have gone to a whole new level.  First it was, "Are you trying to get a reality tv show." now its "Are you from a reality tv show?"  I hear the television execs knocking on our door!  LOL  I assured her we weren't but on the inside I was cracking up.  I would have thought the lack of camera crews would have given it away.

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