Monday, March 29, 2010

When the boys are away...

The girls will play.  The 2 oldest boys have been at my  moms house since Friday and its been pretty peaceful.  Girl #2 has been following Girl #1 around everywhere.  They've painted their nails and shared a soda and giggled non stop.  Unfortunatly, since there is not a big boy around for them to fight with they have also been fighting with each other.

There is peace and quiet.  I don't understand the phenomenon that when you suddenly have less children, even if its just 1/4 of your kids, the house seems so much quieter.  I guess you get used to a certain noise level.  Its not like other kids are quiet.  The neighbors would certainly argue that point. 

You suddenly remember how easy it was when you only had 6 kids.  Wait, did I think it was easy when I only had 6 kids?  Well I think 6 kids is easy now, compared to the 8 I normally have.  Although, when we went to the mall I kept thinking I was missing someone.  I felt like Marlin on Finding Nemo trying to count my own stripes.  "Thats all I have?"


  1. BTDT with the 1 - 2- 3- 4... wait, shouldn't I have 6? Oh, 2 are with... I have 4 today. LOL. Only to repeat 5 minutes later. hehe. Wait until this weekend when I only have the oldest for 2 days!?!

  2. Its really bad cause we always feel like there is someone missing anyway. With 2 actually gone you are really left to wonder, Who is missing?