Thursday, March 25, 2010

High Chairs

I am still searching for a tray for my mothers highchair but its a little hard when we don't know the manufacture.  I am tempted to carry the thing into a Babies R Us and just try attaching trays to it, see what fits.  But I have been searching online, so much so I think I might be an expert now.  I have read more about highchairs the last few days than any person would ever need to. I have learned one thing: I am picky.  There, I said it.  I want too much.  Well ok, I want too much for my budget.  I want: a wood high chair, that folds, and reclines, and has a removable tray, and a cloth cover...and if it can, adjust in height.  I don't want any toy attachments, or nets under it, and no casters.  Have you ever tried cleaning those after they have rolled over a slobber soaked teething biscuit? 

I can not find a wood high chair that does all those things.  I did however find this lovely Peg-Perego model:

But you know I decided not to buy the $50 wood highchair I saw at the thrift store last night because I thought it was too expensive.  This one is $300.  As nifty as it is, I am just not that girl.  I could buy 6 $50 for that and they would probably go further for feeding my baby than that highchair would.

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