Friday, March 19, 2010

Dealing with Drama Kings

My boys ain't got nothing on your girls.  If you think for one minute that girls overreact, are unnecessarily emotional or blow things out of proportion you maybe haven't dealt with enough boys.  If you told these guys to pull up their big girl panties that would be a compliment.

For instance my 3 yr old was being his usual self, which involves non stop movement, jumping and horse play.  The moment it was pointed out that he had a scabbed over (meaning its been there quite sometime) scratch on his knee he suddenly can barely move.  He looks like an arthritic 90 year old.   He refuses to unbend his knee and gingerly steps across the room to find a bandage.  If he had been wearing pants no one would have been the wiser.  But no, he acts as if his leg is broken.

My 9 yr old son today refused lunch, refused to talk to me, and refused to come out of the corner.  It took me a good hour to get him to talk to me.  I was thinking someone picked on him.  Hes mad at me for something.  Maybe he doesn't feel good. What was it?  His oldest sister got a star on a game they both play and he didn't.  A star.  Not that she won the game or got a better character or something having to do with the actual playing of the game.  No, she got a star; which does nothing for in game play besides looks pretty next to your name. 

And there is nothing like the complete and udder breakdowns they have when asked to do their chores, or  school work or go somewhere.  You would think life is going to END as we know it.  As if there isn't a record button on our DVR or a pause button on their game.  Or as if they can't continue playing when they are done doing school or when they come home.  No, its "But it took me forever to make this!"  Yes, in their world 5 minutes is a lifetime and you know they will never have the patience again for making something that requires a whole 5 minutes.  My daughters often look at their little brothers like they might be from another planet; perhaps they suffer unimaginable physical pain when someone asks them to make their bed. 

I would blame this gene on my husband if it weren't for the memories of my own brothers doing this very thing.  My oldest brother once cried because he had a cut on his finger and it was bleeding.  Seems valid right?  Until my mother pointed out it was only red ink.  Brother #4 was the most emo of all.  He would cry hysterically if you went around a circular clothing rack at the store and he couldn't see you.  He once threw sopping wet wash clothes all over the bathroom in a frantic attempt to keep them from going down the bath tub drain, all while screaming, "Not those wash clothes!" 

All the stereotypes of women being emotional and the men rational must have come from men just trying to cover their butts.  Let there be no mistake, males are far more emotional than females.  If you don't believe me you can come babysit for awhile. 

Now wheres my bottle of wine?  I need to go relax somewhere. 

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