Monday, March 1, 2010

Monetary Monday - Birthday Parties

Tis the season for birthday parties.  At least in my house. I have 3 kids and the Dh in a months time.  Thats a good thing.  We can do a combined birthday.  Which not only saves me money but also easier for those attending, then they don't have to come to 4 different parties, just the 1. 

For a long time we would just do whatever the kids wanted.  Wanted a bowling party, not a problem.  Want a bouncy house?  Ok.  Chuckie Cheese?  Fine.  Till we had no money.  Then it was, "OMG how much?" When you spend as much on a birthday party as you do your groceries for a week (my grocery bill mind you), then that's a lot of money!  So we came up with something else.  Something better, more memorable and cheaper.

Each child gets to pick what they want to do for their birthday and just them and their daddy go do it.  The kids look forward to than they did to any party.  If they want to see a movie they get popcorn too and it costs like $20, instead of the $200 for a bowling party.  This also frees up more money so I can buy them a better gift.  It was almost like the party was their gift.  Which for kids doesn't make a very good present.  Now I can concentrate on what they really would love and would make their life better.  Like a new bike or that software they want so they can draw or a really awesome MP3 player for road trips  I can say it cause I bought it, the Dh's MP3 player SUCKS! Get a decent MP3 player,  one you can see the song titles would be a good start.  Anyway...back to birthday parties. 

So our birthday parties are little more than home made cake and family coming over.  Friends if they are around too.  If we have one at a park it has to been in the cooler months and has to be free.  Some parks charge a heck of a lot for a pavilion.  Like $35 an hour if you are a resident! Thats nuts!  At least in our development we get use of the pavilion for free.  Well our HOA fees pay for it, but you know what I mean.  I am planning a party right now.  We  are gonna bbq dogs and burgers, make cake, and take pictures.  And then the weekends will be spend with daddy seeing movies or going mini golfing or whatever they choose.  And after all that: Their awesome present, the birthday party, the time alone with dad, I am still saving money over those ridiculously prices party packages.  No ones complaining.  Well maybe except all the people we used to buy from. 

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