Monday, April 12, 2010

My Very Own Forgotten Bookmark

If you don't follow Forgotten Bookmarks you must stop on over there for a visit.  Its a lovely blog.  Anyway, onto my bookmark.  Last week my father brought over a box of books for my kids.  I opened up a book to read it to my 3 yr old and found the bookmark.

Found in "Our Happy Ways - Reading for Living" (why isn't there an underline button?)  The bookmark says "Jack read books beyond his years, now hes president of Sears." And check out the old 5 digit phone number.

Disclaimer: I am not getting anything from forgotten bookmarks, don't know the person who runs it, and he doesn't know I am posting this.  I just know a lot of people read it and since I found my very own forgotten bookmark I thought I would share.

Oh yea, I am actually using the bookmark. 


  1. I know now :)

    I have a google alert set up...
    Thank you for the mention!

  2. I'd hope you'd know. YW! Love your blog. (grinning sheepishly behind my monitor, as if I had just met a celeb)