Sunday, July 24, 2011

Learning through Experience

2 of my boys have discovered how to do back flips off their bunk bed.  Thankfully we are talking about the older boys, because I am sure if it was my 2 year old I would be hospitalized for a heart attack.  I have told them repeatedly not to do it.  But like climbing the walls (literally, I have to clean the foot prints off the hall walls) they do it when they think no one is around.  Of course they don't realize I can hear them land when I am downstairs under their room.  Part of me wants to tell them about how when I was their age I discovered flipping off my bunk bed too.  And that I stopped because I hit my knee on my forehead nearly knocking myself out.  But I know it wouldn't be a warning as much as it would be a challenge.

I left my 2 year old in the care of my 13 year old while I nursed the baby.  I came back to check on him before I started dinner.  In that time he discovered fingernail polish and painted his sisters make up case.

She told me, "I smelled something and turned around and there he was makin art with my finger nail polish." As I walked away I said, "You need to pay better attention, you can't smell all messes."  My 12 year old was entering as I was leaving and I could hear her say to her sister, "What the heck is that supposed to mean?"

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