Saturday, July 2, 2011

Under the Heading: Things You Need to Pay More Attention To

Nearly mobile 2 month olds. If you place your baby in their crib to fold clothes and you hear him start to fuss you figure he might be bored, or lonely or hungry.  Whatever it is can wait a few minutes while you finish that load right?  Wrong.  Because if you had been paying attention you would have noticed they have scooted their way to the top of their crib and gotten lodged in the corner.  Which apparently isn't very comfortable. 

Dirty loads of laundry.  Do you check pockets?  Do you shake your clothes?  Do you go piece by piece before you throw them in the washer or dryer?  You might want to.  The cell phone you save could be your own.  Actually today was a new one for me.  I have washed everything from cell phones (3 and counting) to lock box keys, to crayons and probably a small fortunes in spare change but never dirt.  What?  I guess I should mention that we are using towels to cover the ground when we go swimming so that we don't get dirt in the pool.   The load I washed today had not been shaken out.  So when I washed it what was left was piles of dirt at the bottom of my washing machine.  Makes you wonder how much dirt really is going out with the dirty water and not getting redistributed onto the next load. So I ended up vacuuming out my washing machine and rewashing the  towels - properly shaken out of course. 

Two year olds. I swear, I could watch my two year old like a hawk and he would still find mischief.  Today when we were at the grocery store he wanted apples.  Really wanted apples.  I really wanted mushrooms, which happen to be right by the red peppers.  I told him they weren't apples but I don't think he believed me.  Because he grabbed on and said, "Apple."  then proceeded to bite into it.  I guess I was gonna have red peppers on my pizza too.  I turned my back to get another bag.  As a mother I should know better.  You never turn your back on a two year old.  He grabbed another red pepper and took a bite of that one too.  He probably would have taken a bite out of every one in the display had I not buckled him in to his stroller for the remainder of our shopping trip.  No word on how he liked his "apples". 

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