Friday, July 1, 2011

Are we Greedy?

Am I greedy to have 9 kids?  Greed means wanting more than you actually need.  The question is then begged; Do we NEED to have children?  I don't need to have children.  No one person needs to have children.  Society, however,  needs us to have children.  Children are the future generations that will support us and care for us when we are too old to do it ourselves.  The more children we have the easier the burden will be on them both physically and financially.  No one wants to be overworked or overtaxed.  And don't even get me started on Overpopulation

So far we have been told we are Addicted and Greedy, and obviously naive that we don't know the numerous reasons we shouldn't have children.  We must be evil, terrible people! Gosh, I walked around with my family and people are starring at us thinking I am an addicted, greedy, ignorant woman.  There are probably more adjectives I could throw out there, from things that have been said, comments I have read etc. Those who give up having children so they can travel, so they can buy all the latest gadgets, to maintain their lifestyle, they aren't greedy of anything apparently. So even if I were to think I was greedy, that would mean I was guilty of wanting more life.  More love.  Gee, what a horrible thing. 

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