Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Value of Things

Cost of an iPhone: Avg $500

Cost of a laptop: Avg $500

Cost of homeschool curriculum: Avg $360

Cost of a chest freezer:

 Cost of a Nintendo 3DS: $250

Cost of a pair of Seven Jeans: $180

Cost of a Convertible Car Seat: $150

Is there a reason I can buy a laptop for less than a cell phone?  Someone wants me to believe that it costs me nearly $12.5k a year per child to raise from birth to 18.  Which is just silly, cause we do not make $113k a year.  I wish!  I mean I know diapers are expensive but really?  You can use the USDA calculator to determine how much it costs you to raise your family in your area.  Unfortunately it only goes up to 6 kids.  I inputted our information with only 6 kids and it says I would spend almost $20k on childcare and education.  If I could do that I would have them all in private schools. Housing would cost me $40,000, which includes utilities. Transportation costs is identical to food expenses at $12,000.  No wonder people think kids are expensive given the "Experts" take on it. Everyone say it with me, Life Styles are expensive, not kids.

Common sense tells us that this is way over estimating expenses.  Paying cash instead of using loans or credit cards, recycling and reusing cuts expenses way down, typically the greener the household the less the expenses.  Using items till they is no life in them, living within our means, changing our perception of want and need would ensure our expenses remain well below what the "average" supposedly is. To borrow a Duggar saying, "Buy used and save the difference." Showering children with gifts, privilege and money does not make you a good parent or ensure they become better people. 

What I value is not lifestyle just a good life for me and my children.  I can get lots of toys for lots of money, or I can get great school curriculum, items to keep them safe, and to feed them for less than the toys for myself.  Theres nothing wrong with having all sorts of fancy and fun stuff. But we can't be made to feel guilty because we or our children don't have the fun stuff.

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