Sunday, July 3, 2011

Whose a Domestic Goddess?

Not me.  Thats for sure.  If there was any doubt after my adventures of the thing that lived in my sofa, let me erase that now.  Did you know there is a fill line on a vacuum cleaner bag?  And that if it gets full past that line it doesn't really work that well?  Well you should have told me. 

I attempted to vacuum the floor, but when I turned it on it made this funny noise.  Kinda like "hhhhheeeeeelllllpppppp", but way higher pitched.  After trying a few things, like smacking the vacuum on the floor, I turned it off and opened it up to see what the bag was like.  What it was like was nearly exploding.  Fill line...HA.  You can fill that thing WAY past the fill line.  That bag weighed 4 lbs 5 oz.  Aside from the fact I weighed a full-to-the-brim vacuum bag, you have to admire that fact that not only did it not explode but that my floors have had at least 4 and a half pounds of dirt and debris on them!

I went to put a new bag in the vacuum only to discover the bag was so full that it was now storing dirt from the top of the hose all the way to the bottom of the bristles.  What I removed, just from the connecter, looked like a dead rat covered in doritos.  The hose I had to take outside and spin to get the stuff out.

I am happy to report that my vacuum suffered no ill effects from bag replacement neglect.  My floors are now, relatively, clean.

Next on the domestic front: Teaching my children how to use a clothes line.  Stay tuned for the riveting details. 

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