Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Smart

The dh has made himself a dark and quiet place to sleep since he is now nocturnal.  He has dubbed it the "Matt Cave", he thinks hes so clever.  Our 5 year old thought it was a grand idea and announced, "Its like your natural habitat."  5 year olds shouldn't even know the word habitat, let alone its correct usage.  Although, I had to laugh because he was so right.

My kids like blocks, but I refuse to buy the little legos.  Ever step on one of those things? While running down the stairs?  It wasn't pleasant, I still have scars.  And that wasn't even my kids, that was my brothers 20 years ago.   So they have to be happy with the big toddler blocks. 

They also made a Spongebob and an Eiffel Tower. My favorite had to be the game system with removeable disks and the controllers to match.  This here is a character from Minecraft. 

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