Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where do all those Helium Balloons go?

Have you ever wondered where all the lost helium balloons go to? A couple of my kids were having this conversation the other day.  Surely they must come down somewhere, we thought.  But you would see evidence of this wouldn't you?  I guess if you had seen a flat balloon on the side of the road you wouldn't even give it a second thought so perhaps they do come down we just don't notice.  How would you know if one such balloon was a lost balloon?  Well I guess if it came down in your backyard while you were out there playing, that would be good way to know. 

As if God wanted to punctuate our science lesson with real life evidence, we had such a balloon land in our back yard today.  Yea, Really! 

And it just so happens we have our own helium balloon my 5 year old got over the weekend.  So when my 2 year old saw this in the back yard he thought he got his very own balloon too.  Its the little things I tell ya. 

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