Sunday, August 7, 2011

Learn from the Pros

Kids can be annoying.  When they ask something over and over again, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"  or when they like a certain food this week but not the next and vise versa.  But being annoying can be a useful tool for adults too.  When you want to get your point across for instance.  Say when your brother forgets your birthday.  You can use those annoying tools for your benefit.  Maybe act stupid so he has to repeat something over and over again because you are just not getting what he is saying.  Stand in the kitchen and ask where the knives are.  When he says 'Over there.' point to a drawer on the opposite side of the kitchen and say, "This one?"   He will stand there like an idiot and say, "Over there."  Louder because sisters who have their birthdays forgotten must be deaf.  Repeat the question, "This one?"  while pointing at the next drawer.  Keep going till he becomes exasperated and says, "You spend too much time around kids." and walks away in a huff.  Then tell him, "If you had just showed me instead of standing there saying 'Over there' I might have figured it out."

Or on his birthday text him every 20 minutes through out the day wishing him a Happy Birthday, and don't forget to gift him a bag of underwear 2 sizes too big.

No body should mess with a mom with a lot of kids.  We are way better at being annoying because we have so many pros to learn from.  Not that I am bitter or anything about someone forgetting my birthday.  Or 5 someones.  Not bitter at all.

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