Thursday, August 25, 2011

Using DVDs in Homeschooling

I think homeschoolers tend to get stuck in a book.  Sure, reading is important.  But its also time consuming and not every kid is gonna be a reader.  Some things can be taught better through watching.

Art is meant to be enjoyed through hearing or seeing.  As much as you can read about Beethoven it doesn't compare to actually hearing his work.  Aside from going to a concert or a museum you can learn about art via cds, mp3s and DVDs.  Art 21 or Sister Wendy  are great examples of learning through media.  If you don't have Netflix most can be borrowed from a library.  Its also easy to go through these DVDs in a short time.  Covering more than if you would if you were reading.  Supplement your existing lessons with a DVD on Van Gogh  or Impressionists.  Learn about the different types of music through both listening to the music and watching how it evolved.  Blues, Jazz, Classical and Folk music is best appreciated by actually hearing it. I can remember 4th grade learning about the Mozart and the other masters and falling asleep during class.  Might have been the Benedryl but it was the only class I fell asleep in...Every time.  Some music would have helped for sure. 

History, Science and Math can be enhanced through DVD as well.  Face it you aren't gonna be able to nor will you want to do every science experiment in your house.  Watching a clip on youtube will be much safer and cleaner.  And just as informative.  History can come alive with dramatized videos.  Math tricks are easy to teach once you have seen them yourself.

How about creating videos of your homeschooler doing a project.  Make a video of Hannibal crossing the Alps using Lego people.  Or make a mix cd of rock music that employees classical music.

The idea is mostly to get out of the book.  Liven things up.  You children will thank you and you will feel good knowing they are getting a well rounded education.

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