Monday, August 22, 2011

What I did today

Emptied boxes of clothes into nice clear plastic bins my mom gave me.  Hurrah for being organized!

Pulled a screw out of an outlet.

Furiously printed out progress reports for the kids school work which starts in a week.

Picked up random items around the house that needed put away including: 2 screw drivers that my husband keeps replacing because he thinks he lost them when he really only left them where he was last working, a ladle, an empty coke can, a package of bologna, a floor fan that for some reason my 2 year old dragged into the foyer and 2 items of clothing that needs fixed.

Talked to my aunt who says she is coming to visit in October.  Good thing she gave me a warning as it will probably take me that long to clean this place up.

And look, I blogged!

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