Monday, August 8, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

If you have an addiction to sweets then finding a large family to be friends with (or having your own large family) is a sure cure.  What you need to do is get yourself invited to all their birthday functions.  Just say, I would love to stop by for some cake and ice cream.  We'll be more than happy to have you because if there is one thing a big family hates is when there are 3 pieces of cake left over and 8 kids to fight for it.   And we will send you home with all that cake, month after month.  Pretty soon the mere thought of cake makes you sick.  When you drive past an ice cream shop you will need to look the other way.  After you get sick of cake and ice cream you will start to get sweets like giant cookies or brownies instead, and soon those things will start to lose their appeal.  In fact instead of craving sugar you will start craving celery or lettuce, heck - anything that doesn't have a hint of sugar in it.  Or at least thats how I feel right now, as we are in the midst of birthday season.  Only 6 more to go.  Heaven help me.

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