Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There is always more to the story

A few days ago I found a coke can in the chest freezer.  I questioned the kids and no one claimed responsibility. I knew one of them was lying.  Either that or I had done it on accident in one of my sleep deprived hazes.  I couldn't be sure which.  I had taken the can out and left it laying on the floor of the garage for the dh to see when he got home.  Its not everyday you get to see a can of coke turned inside out.  So I guess its my fault that it never found its way to the garbage and I really should know better than to leave stuff like that laying around.

A few days later my 7 year old found it laying on the floor of the garage and set it on the chest freezer.  Being all turned inside out like it was it didn't stand well.  It fell over and rolled off the freezer, landing on the garage floor and exploding.  Scaring my 7 year old so bad he dropped his yogurt which also exploded.  The car, chest freezer and fridge all got a soda bath, not to mention the floor and ds's legs.

At this point I kinda figured out who has done it and my suspicions were confirmed when my 10 year old told me he put it in the freezer to see what would happen.  Of course I had found it before it could explode in the freezer.  Which is what would have happened if I hadn't found it.  Instead it ended up exploding all over the garage.  I explained to my son that if he is ever curious about "what would happen if" he should just google it cause someone somewhere has done whatever it is he wants to do.  And its way less messy that way.  And then I told him to go clean up the soda.

Surprisingly this was less messy than the time the fire extinguisher exploded all over the garage.

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