Thursday, February 4, 2010

About Tales From the Quiver

Hi all.  I hope you are enjoying yourselves.  I wanted take a minute to explain a few things about this blog, in an attempt to make everyone feel more at home.

First the comments.  I have it on moderation because apparently I have made it to the big time and people seem to think they can make some money spamming here.  This is not to censor my readers.  Its to keep the spammers at bay.  I apologize for the extra step that I know is required. 

Next - the opinion boxes at the bottom of each post.  You can click on if you think its cool, interesting or funny.  This allows to me see what kind of subjects you would like me to share.  They should have a box for "Disgusting - never ever post anything like this ever again"  but it probably would only get used on this blog.

My ads.  If you notice I only have one ad and its for Book Closeouts.  I am an affiliate.  I don't generate any money from this blog.  I started blogging 2.5 years ago (back on myspace) because my kids did a lot of funny things that I wanted to share.  And It allowed me to record them for future bribes reference. I have since taken it public because I wanted to show people we aren't some weird freaks.  We are normal freaks, like the rest of you.  I do include my ehow articles at the bottom of the blog.  I do generate money from those.  So if ever you need to know how to remove permanent marker from your furniture or how to prepare yourself for sick kids ya'll know I'm an expert and should read them.

The Design.  I am working on getting a prettier design.  It could take me 6 mos so don't hold your breath.  But if you come back here and it looks funny, its just me messing around.  Take no notice of the person behind the curtain.  Either that or my kids got a hold of blogger.

Alrighty then - back to your regularly scheduled quiver.

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