Friday, February 5, 2010


My 4 yr old asked me yesterday "When we die, is it forever or can we come back?"  I think he has plans.

When my 2 yr old wanted yogurt I asked him what kind he wanted.  He told me, "The yummy kind."  Well that narrowed it down for me. 

My coffee maker broke Wednesday, the pump just up and stopped working.  I don't do well without coffee.  Imagine a drunk slug, that's what I resemble without coffee. I got desperate and poured hot water through the filter, in essence straining coffee.  Yes, I drank it that way.  I did mention I was desperate.  Not willing to live another day with me in the drunk slug state, the Dh bought a coffee maker at Walmart.  I hate it but I needed coffee.  In keeping with our ever perfect timing, thursday in the mail I get a free sample of instant coffee.

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