Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playing in the Snow

It doesn't snow here.  Lots of people, from all over the world, move here for that very reason.  We however, like the snow.  So we have to drive, along with 2 million other Phoenicians, 2 hours to get to play in it.  Being the awful frugal mother I am, I can't drive 2 hours JUST to play in the snow.  We have to do something educational while we are there.  I will post about that tomorrow.  

First we went to Jerome, the largest Ghost Town in America.  I will quote the Dh, "People are INSANE to live up there."  If you go I do not recommend you go in a 15 passenger van.  A small car will hug the curves that have you dangling hundreds of feet above the sheer cliffs below.  There is a reason there are still rusted out cars in the ravens.  Who is gonna try to fish them out?  Let them rot! I had been there years ago and was not bothered by the cliffs.  It kind of reminds me of Pittsburgh.  However, back when, I did not drive.  Nor did I have to sit in the front seat of a 15 passenger van that is as big as the road with cars coming down the other side.

From there we drove through Sedona and into Flagstaff.   It was like going up to Jerome, over and over again.  We had both been up that road before and the Dh kept saying, "I didn't remember the road being like THIS."  But soon enough we were in snow.  We stopped to play in some at a vista.  It was rather comical, on the way home the dh remarked, "We never did go see the view from the vista."  ooops!  We were too caught up in the snow.  This is us in Oak Creek Canyon:

I do not have my photo editing software on this computer yet so I apologize for my picture.  Normally, I would dr it up so I don't look so horrible.  We did go into Flagstaff and played in the snow there too.  My 2 yr old and 4 yr old, skiny as they are, were out in the snow, soaked to the bone, turning red and still did not want to quit.  I always find it amusing when we are in the snow, feet of snow, but its warm enough to wear t-shirts. It was very deep in the drifts.  The Dh took a misstep and sunk to the hip in the snow.  He ended up having to dig his shoe out.  At least it was very well packed for the most part.

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