Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mommys and Daddys do Stupid Stuff Too

Somehow, mysterious as these things always are,  an outlet cover got broken.  Not just any outlet cover,  apparently a cover to a hole in the wall.  It doesn't take long for a 2 yr old to find a hole in the wall and take advantage of it. So the Dh had to take care of that pronto. But first he had to fish the stuff out that ds threw down the hole.  First he tried with a screw driver.  Why I don't know.  There is no hook.  It is not magnetic.  I told him he better be careful of he will drop his screw driver down there too.  My daughter offered up an "L" shaped bar from our old sofa.  Yes, that would work.  I heard a sound, he had something.  Ah, fishing for toys in a wall, always fun.  "Did you find a car?"  I asked him.  "No, I need to get my screw driver out of there first."  He said rather sheepishly.  Hmmm.  Yup, I am sure that was hard for him  to admit.  In the end we got 1 car and 1 block.  He left the rest.  Some years from now when someone remodels; the show "If walls could talk" will be here recording and they can speculate how those things got in there.  I am sure it will be a far grander story than "My boy was bad and threw stuff in a hole in the wall".

And yes, I too can be the fool.  The other night, at midnight, I started talking in my sleep.  I smacked the Dh and told him I forgot to do something with the kids.  And I had to do it at midnight.  I must have been half awake to know what time it was or I have one heck of an internal clock.  I woke up long enough to realize what I was doing and murmur "never mind I will do it in the morning."  Just to make it look like I knew what I was talking about.  I don't have a clue honestly.  Something in my dream I am sure.  This happened at a bad time.  Just the day before I was complaining to my mother how the Dh talks in his sleep and wakes ME up.  Instead of feeling bad that the Dh has no control over it I told him, "See, now you know how I feel!"

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