Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Its an all out nasal assault!

My nose can't handle much more.  And oh am I glad I am not pg!  My 5 yr old had Fish Steaks in Mustard Sauce for dinner last night.  Which he threw up all over his bed.  Why is it always the bed?  Why we do throw up when we sleep?  I do not understand this phenomenon.  I was actually surprised that the room didn't smell worse.  I couldn't smell it at all.  I was relieved.  Till I washed and dried the sheets.

When I stuck my head in the dryer to retrieve the sheets I got a whiff of cooked, vomited fish steaks.  I even rinsed, washed on hot with sports wash. After I caught a wiff of it I washed it again, it still smelled.  So I am soaking it in my bath tub with some borax - now my bathroom smells!   Oh its too much just too much this week.  I am about ready to hang a car air freshener from my nose and slap a mask on over it.  I swear, if I have to smell another thing like that I might just loose my own lunch!

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