Thursday, February 11, 2010

If you ever wonder

If you ever wonder why I will post something that contains a couple different funnies from my kids and not a whole thought out written post its probably because I am super tired.  I think the baby is teething.  He was up every 20 minutes last night wanting to nurse.  I am so tired I almost feel asleep when I blinked.   Since I can't actually form a complete thought I will spare you the mumble jumbled post you'd have to decipher.  Here you go instead.

Lacking sufficient material to write, I asked the Dh what he would write about.  I don't advise asking your spouse what they would write about.  Its kinda like asking, "What are you thinking about right now?" He told me, "Flatulence.  And Mafia Wars and Linux."   So aren't you glad I am running the show? To be fair, I do talk a lot about vomit and poop.  But I spare you the facebook app talk.

My 4 yr old asked me today, "When you grow up, what are you going to be?"  I wanted to clarify if he meant I did nothing worth noting or I was young and not grown up yet, I asked him:  "Do you think momma hasn't grown up yet?"  He doesn't.  I hope he means I don't look like I have grown up yet not that I act like a child. 

While buying groceries I realized I had forgotten to put on make-up today.  I asked my 9 yr old ds if I looked okay without it, he said, "I didn't even know you wore make-up."  He is my new favorite person.  Well right after my sil who told me I looked like a 16 yr old girl.  The guy at JC Penney who was trying to sell me a sofa and asked if my mother was my sister?  Lets just say he won't be getting a commission. 

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