Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things rarely go as planned

We should know better.  Making grandiose plans rarely works out.  We had this weekend all planned out.  The Dh took a day off work so we could accomplish everything we wanted to do.  So far everything has taken twice as long to do as we planned and now I am on a time constraint to finish what we didn't get done.

Friday - We were going to the zoo.  We had one of the girls friends come along because she is leaving town on Sunday.  At the zoo the girls wanted to go do their own thing.  They had money and a phone and wanted to spend some time alone.  So I let them.  So for the next 2 hours all I heard from the 2 oldest boys was how it wasn't fair they couldn't go around alone.  Never mind that they are 7 and 9.  Finally I just sat down on a bench while the Dh went with the little boys.  The 2 oldest boys sat there with me.  Till they got bored enough to behave.  Its a great weapon in a parents arsenal.  And no, I wasn't sitting because I was tired.  Really. 

Then my girls decided to spend the night at their friends house.  Well the boys didn't like that AGAIN.  So I took them to grandmas house for the night.  A 20 mile trip I was not planning on taking. But, on the way home I went to the store to find a computer I saw online.  Which they didn't have.  Ok they had the computer and no monitor.  We called 2 different stores to find the whole system.  One store, near where the boys happened to be spending the night, had the whole system.  But they were closed.  So they were holding it for us the next day. My poor computer was so old and decrepit, even the dh, who is a computer geek, could not keep this thing running.  I was afraid to turn it off because it might not turn on again. In fact the monitor no longer worked on its own, I had to have a desk fan to cool it down or it shuts itself off.  You can see how a computer with no monitor wouldn't help me much.

Saturday - We went to bed late Friday night errr I guess early Saturday morning.  I was up at 7 as usual but my 2 yr old slept in till 10.  So we were already behind for the day.  I had to pick up some homeopathics and my boys.  Then we went to a thrift store to pick up a few things we needed.  Sorry, but I am not buying new and paying through the nose, for a pair of shoes my kid will out grow in 2 months.  Finally it was time to pick up the computer.  We could not find this store.  Whoever had the idea of massive strip malls should be made to live near and work at said mall.  Terrible idea.  It took us 10 minutes just to drive through this strip mall parking lot.  We finally got my computer and headed back home.  Only to realize now the Dh was going to be late for work.  I had to go home and still make dinner, get the girls, do some laundry and the dishes.  The Dh comes home 2 hours late from work and my computer still sits in the box.

Sunday - Up way early to help a friend move. It was very odd being up before everyone else in the house.  Normally the Dh is up and made coffee before 6.  We are helping with the move for 2 hours and say our goodbyes.  My mother handed me $20 kohls cash that HAD to be spent today.  I was not planning on going into a store.  I looked a mess, hello we just helped people move.  But it was on the way home, and after we did some laundry at the laundromat.  While we were at the laundromat we went to a thrift store and found a $30 sofa.  To replace THAT sofa.  You know the one.  Well now I need to call my brother and pick him up so he can help us move this sofa upstairs.  What I didn't know, and he didn't tell me, was that his inlaws are visiting and he was in the middle of dinner!  Geez, now I look like the bad guy.  We get the sofa in place, take my brother home, and once again have clean bedding so I can remake beds and now I am on a time limit for getting everything ELSE done before tomorrow morning.  I only need to fold 4 loads of clothes, do the dishes, make lunch for tomorrow, bath the little boys, and oh yea write a blog post so people don't think I fell off the face of the earth. Whilst trying to tackle the laundry problem the baby pooped all over his crib.  So now I had more laundry to do.  Then my father shows up dropping off my brother for overnight.  Another of my brothers tagged along and decided to set up my computer for me.  Now I have to download all my applications, move my bookmarks and files while I am making dinner, feeding the baby, doing the dishes and keeping my dad company who appears very bored.  Poor man, all the kids deserted him to play with their friends.

Nothing has gone as planned.  But I did get a lot done. Just not when I planned on. I guess that can be considered a success? Yes?  I will have a separate post detailing our new (to us) sofa.  Another story in itself.  Another post on the differences in having girls spend the night vs. having boys spend the night (oh and are there plenty) is also in the works. And if I have time I might even tell you about the trip we are taking up north to play in the snow.  The kids better really like it, to pull me away from my new computer!


  1. Michelle, I've been reading you for about 6 months now, every day. I chuckle so much. We have 5 kids ranging from 1 to 19, & hubby and I come from 2 kids each. So I am learning this TOK thing as we go. I just wanted to tell you that we live in Show Low & if you're coming this way for the snow you'd better hurry... It's been warm enough lately that around here the mighty snow has melted. Tho Pinetop is snowier:) Really, I just wanted to stop lurking and say"hi". My name is Bobbi.

  2. Hi Bobbi! We actually went up to Jerome and then through Sedona up to Flag. If you remember my story about the Dh and his reaction to Montezumas Well you can guess how this trip turned out LOL. Needless to say I heard a lot of, "I don't remember this road being like THIS!" We did play in a whole bunch of snow. My 5 yr old cried because we had to leave (after 90 min in the white stuff). So we do plan on going back up in probably 2 or 3 weeks again. I am sure another thrilling blog post in the waiting.

    Thanks for reading!