Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boys and Girls: The Sleep Over

Having hosted 3 kids in a weeks time I can safely say there is a huge difference between girls and boys sleeping over. 

The Girls Activities included:

Putting together a puzzle.
Making Cookies.
And watching a movie with some popcorn.

The Boys Activities included:
Piling pillows on the floor and doing flips off the sofa into them.
Licking armpits and describing the taste.
And rolling socks into balls and using it as ammunition in a war.

The noise level alone of the boys sleep over was enough to make me swear off boy sleep overs.  Not to mention boys don't sleep.  It should be called a Destruction Over or a Lets-Keep-Mom-Up-All-Night Over. I do love my boys and when they are grown they are so handy to have around.  I wouldn't be typing on this right now if it weren't for my brothers. 

Right now I am weighing the "Girls going through puberty again in another 13 years" to the "Boys and their sleep overs for the next 18 years".  Not sure if one is worse than the other.  I guess its a good thing I let God decide this things for me. 


  1. my neice stays over regularly -all fine. I refuse to have my nephews stay over... right now the excuse is that they wet the bed... wonder what I'll come up with when they stay dry? LOL. Licking armpits, EW!

  2. What I should have done was had the boy sleep over after the snow trip. Everyone was so exhausted they fell asleep on the way home. It was a quiet night. Next time I know better lol. Yes, we frequently say EW around here. Boys are gross.