Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet Mary Annette

My kids have funny toys.  Most were not meant to be toys at all.  My mixing spoons that my oldest son uses as wolverine claws, my Christmas gift box that my 5 yr old uses to store his army men in, the pillow case that my oldest used as a lovey and now Mary Annette.

I got Mary Annette when I was 9.  I really wanted the purple doll on the moon,  but Mary was cheaper.  I didn't like pink but the dress was so soft and silky.  The year after I got her we moved and wouldn't you know it but my new room had hot pink carpet and rose wall paper.  Matched perfectly.  Then years later when I had my own daughters we moved into a house with pink walls.  Every wall was pink.  Again matched perfectly.  So I was glad I got Mary instead of the purple doll.

Of course when I bought Mary she had no name.  In fact she had no name till a few weeks ago.  Not until my 2 yr old got a hold of her.  One day I found him crying, asking for "Maynet".  Took me awhile and asking several kids before my oldest ds said my 2 yr old wanted "That doll on the strings."  Ahhh, Marionette.  Hes been watching a bit too much of the Upside Down Show I guess.  He has played with Mary so much her strings came loose and I had to sew her up again.  He was quite distraught till I fixed her up.

Meet Mary:
Yup, my 2 yr olds favorite toy. Go figure.

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