Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why I Can't Sleep

For all you pregnant ladies out there falling asleep while showering or cooking, do me a favor - catch a few zzzz's for me too.  Please.  Someone has to.

I do so good for awhile then I am back to not being able to fall asleep.  It might be the annoying blog post I read before bed, that has now got me ranting in my head for the last hour.  Or it could be the Grande Cafe Mocha I had while out getting retail therapy with my mother.  Its probably the fact that the Dh is once again at work in the middle of the night caressing his server instead of his wife.

But, It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the worry I have about the load of clothes I washed and forgot to move over.  Will they smell in the morning?  Will a rinse make it better?  Am I gonna have to rewash that whole load?  Ugh its gonna mess my schedule up.  I should get up right now to move it over.  No, then the kids will wake up from the noise.  I should leave it till the morning. 

It couldn't be the itching on my legs from having forgotten to shave in a week.  I should put on pants.  No, that won't help, I will still itch.  I should go shave.  No, I'm too tired.  Am I tired?  Well, I will be as soon as I get in there to shave.  Ugh, just think about something else to take your mind of the itchies.

It wouldn't be that load of dishes sitting the in dish washer since dinner time.  Did I start that load?  I think I did, but I don't remember using dish detergent. I better have used dish detergent or I will have to rewash the whole load.  I don't think I started it.  Maybe the Dh started it.  I should wake him up and ask him. 

And it really really wouldn't be the blog post that wasn't.  I have nothing to blog about tomorrow.  I hope the kids do something funny.  I hope I remember to write about it if they do do something funny.  Did they say something funny today?  There was something about Teletubbies and Dust Devils.  I might want to check the back yard in the morning.  I hope I don't fall asleep thinking about Teletubbies and dust devils that would be a wierd dream.  But it would make a great blog post.

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