Thursday, February 18, 2010

History for all of Us

We like history.  If you hadn't noticed.  Once we recovered from our heart attack,s from driving up to Jerome, we did some sight seeing. We went into the History Museum there, if there is a history museum to be found, we find it.  While you might think there was a lot of mining memorobilia in the museum most of it actually was just day to day life stuff.  Sherriff badges, a gun, prom pass for the local high school, arrest warrants, a lettermans jacket.  There was a gurney for the mines and it was on springs.  I guess so the bouncing didn't hurt the patients further.   I thought it so sad that this one vibrant town is now a tourist trap.  Granted its hanging off the side of a cliff but once it was someones home town.  The place they visited when they came home for the holidays.  Where all their memories were made.  I think back to my hometown and I know I would be more than sad if it went the way of Jerome.  When we were passing by a store I saw a shirt that read "I survived route 89A." I told the Dh he should get that. 

After we left there ( and after playing in the snow) we went to the Pioneer History Museum in Flagstaff.  The museum used to be a hospital.  Here is the drs office, which made me glad to live when I do.  The kids were a little freaked out by the thought that people once died there. 

This is an actual iron lung.  Looking at this made me very sad for the people, especially the children, who had to endure it.  

This is the nurses room, which has been left untouched.  Nurses lived in the hospital since it was rural and bad weather could prohibit someone from coming up to the hospital.  If we think its sucks to bring work home now, imagine what that was like.  Your work surrounded you. 
A giant saw blade behind my boys.  I can see how that would make logging easier.  
My son being a telephone operator. 

I wish they were this attentive at home during school. I was a bit offended these desks were in a museum.  I used desks like that in school.  Does that mean I am old?

Kids in front of the train, but they were way more interested in the snow.

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