Friday, February 19, 2010

Round 2 - The thing that lived in the sofa

If you didn't catch it the first time around, I had things living in my sofa.  Books, pens, toothbrushes. It was not a pretty sight.  The sofa or the stuff I pulled out of it.  It was time for a new one.  I had been diligently looking on craigslist, thrift stores, sides of the road but nothing was happening.  Alot of emails and calls yet nothing was sitting in my loft. Either the seller admitted to withholding info about the sofa having damage, the seller never returned my email, gave me the run around or it was gone before I emailed them.  Finally we found a sofa that met our criteria: cushions did not come off, did not have holes, and was something I could easily clean.  And it was $30.  Its white leather, not exactly the color I wanted but I guess you can't have everything.  It really needs to be cleaned but my kids will make it messy anyway.  And it was at a thrift store we were already at, no running around to see things.

We get the sofa home and have to dismantle the old one.  We don't have the time to take it to the dump so the Dh tore it apart.   Inside we found 4 socks and a drivers license that expired in 1999.  It was neither the Dhs or Mine.  A nice bonus, the sofa is too low for sippy cups to roll under it!  Which is especially nice since I found a rotten one when we moved the old sofa.

Here it is in all its used glory: My sofa

Now you can all rest well at night knowing I have a new sofa.  I know it was keeping you up. 

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